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Transient is finished and 

ready to be downloaded!

(only the very ending of the game is quite glitchy - I will work over it! But you can make it till to the credits without a problem <3)

                  Only Windows for now- I will try to get the Mac-issue sorted out.


I am Oemuff and mostly do illustrations over at Instagram. But the RPG maker sparked my interest a while ago and now I made


It's a short RPG (About 30 min to 1 hour) about Crowley and Aziraphale's life after the ruined armageddon.  Expect cute/weird humor, an established relationship and some vague hints at NSFW-content! This is- more or less- a playable fanfiction.

There are a few minor puzzle elements,  but most of the game is about exploring Aziraphale and Crowley's cottage and the Story. I will be adding a few fixes and more interactions for the very end of the game, but otherwise it's complete.

(few things that aren't complete: You can't exit heaven after you decided to stay up there. As soon as you try to leave, the game will break

The ending after the credits is half-way playable, but contains a lot of unfinished places. But it's supposed to be the end anyways. No more story coming after that )

I used most of the assets from RPGmaker MV, but edited a few and added some of my own. The charakter-sprites and expressions are made by me, so are the Illustrations throughout the game.

If you notice any glitches or errors throughout the demo, please contact me! I will be ever so grateful and patch them up right away.

Good Omens is a miniseries based on the 1990 novel of the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I do not own the characters.

Playthrough of the demo:

Give them a follow and a like- they did such an amazing job!



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great game, but unfortunately it crashes when i hand crowley the bucket of water for his garden. i restarted the game multiple times and i can't get past this part. instead of watering the seeds crowley just stands there and i can't control aziraphale. any fix for this?

Hate to be a bother again but - I said 'no' to Gabe when he asked to go back to Heaven - so does that mean the game is over? 


when you chose to stay in heaven the game is basically over. You can reload a previous savefile though!


Hey so I downloaded the game and really like it but I can't exit full screen, even when using F11 or Esc and I also am unaware of how to save my game play.

You can exit the game through the windows-button! And you can save it in the livingroom by clicking on the clock!

Thank you very much

This looks amazing! I'd love to play it. Do you think you'll ever release a macOS version of the game?


Im so sorry, I tried everthing, but it turns out I need a Mac of my own to create a working Mac file. So...if you know anyone who owns a Mac and RpGmaker, I could easily make the file. Otherwise, I fear, I cannot do anything : (

No worries! The game is truly amazing, no matter the platform it's on. Thank you so much for replying to me and please don't fret too much over it! I'm planning to try it on a windows emulator. I'll let you know the results <3


I enjoyed this game so very much! It was adorable and captured the essence of Good Omens so well! Overall, playing it was the highlight of my day! Thank you so much for all the time and love you poured into this amazing game! 

Here is my playthrough if you are interested. I fangirl so much 

I didnt visit itch.io in quite a while now, so I was even more suprised as I noticed your comment and the playthrough! 

I loved watching all of it and have to apologize for the bugs you encountered. Thank you so much for playing and I am glad you enjoyed it so much! 

I will repost your video on instagram, if you don't mind!

Thank you again ❤

Hello! Thank you again for such an amazing game! Every game experiences Bugs at one point or another and these tiny ones were fine and just added to the quirkiness of the game ^.^ 

Oh yes, feel free to share if you like. I am glad you enjoyed my let's play and I wish you all the best!

I cried because it just is so good so good 
Just it bugged once and I needed to start from new but it's so good 

I'm so happy you liked it! Can you tell me at which point it bugged?

Well i was at the part after you get to chose if you wanna stay with crowley or not and I chose yes I wanna be human and so on and then I was just going around and then opened the one picture downstairs in the basement where the lava is and then the picture didn't wanna close again and I couldn't do anything anymore 

Thank you very much! I will fix that immediately 🙏

This was a beautiful experience for me, It made me smile and had me captivated!! absolutely loved it. Thank you for all your hard work :)

So glad you liked it! <3

Amazing job on the game! The art and the dialogue work super well! Not sure if you're still taking bug reports, but near the end (after the credits) the scene in the garden glitches and stops the gameplay completely. After talking with Crowley there, I'm not sure what else is supposed to happen as the game keeps resetting to the chicken scene if I go in and out of the house. 

(Hope I have made this vague enough to avoid spoilers for people but still be useful!)

(2 edits)

Hi! The scenes after the credits aren't fully coded, it was just meant as a small post-ending thing to walk around in. I will  still maybe put a little gameplay in the end, but 
nothing spectacular.

Thank you for the bug report tho and I am so happy that you liked the game!

I watched the demo and it was amazing! This game looks awesome, and I'm so excited for it , especially since it seems like the only Good Omens game I can find.

I am very glad you liked it! <3

Hey, I really, really liked the game so far, but unfortunately I encountered some bugs...

1. When Crowley tries to get rid of the snakes in the basement and Aziraphale goes out into the garden, there suddenly is a second Crowley being worried about him being gone for too long. And yes, if you go back into the basement, the old Crowley is still there.

2. Maybe this is supposed to happen due to the game not being finished (very much understandable, no pressure) but when Crowley & Aziraphale come back from the hospital and go into the cottage, the game freezes and has to be restarted.

3. When I restarted the game, the snakes in the basement were missing, and when I came back and went into the garden, worried Crowley was there, going on as if we hadn't just skipped a bunch of he plot. The game froze again, at the same spot as before.

Oh dear, I hope I don't sound harsh or anything...

Also, I'd love to help or partake in this project as a fanartist :3

Anyway, have a nice day. I'm going to sleep now...at 5am...

Thank you so much for your bug report! 

You are correct, none of this is  supposed to happen and it is sadly a giant spoiler : (

I will take the download off the page for a while, until I fixed the issue. 

I would be so happy if you want to contribute! Could you message me on instagram @oemuff? 

Then we can talk about the specifics ❤️

Thank you once again! 

Hello, I'm kinda new in downloading videogames on my laptop and is a mac, I made everything right, I download the game and when I had the app I wasn't able to open it, I don't know if that will be an error from my laptop or from the mac version. I will wait for an answer...also, I found this game and I wanted to play it in the right moment when I saw it and I'm so happy with the fact that I can play it on mac too :)

Since a few ppl had issues with the game I will try and maybe host the final outcome in a browser.

I couldn't find an answer to your problem yet, but ill keep looking!

hi love the game so far it’s amazing!!! Do you have a date for the full release? I’m sorry I don’t wanna pressure you 

Hey, Im so glad you enjoyed it so far! 

I don't yet have an exact date, since I'm working on it in my free time, but the earliest would probably be 2 month from now on 😊

Pongan en español porfa :v

pa que lo jueguen todo latinoamerica :D

I will ask around If I find anyone to translate the game, but that will have to wait until after I finished it :) 

Preguntaré si encuentro a alguien para traducir el juego, pero tendré que esperar hasta que lo termine :). (sorry, Google-translator)

Muchas gracias se agradece, no hay problema esperar :)

A nice little game, with some excellent flavour text. However, I did encounter a few bugs;

. I found that if I left the house it would reset Crowley's garden dialogue, therefore leaving me unable to re-enter because he wasn't there to talk to.

. Once the television is in place it disappears if you leave the room.

. I couldn't find the teabags anywhere, although that's likely my own fault. XD

I hope these are fixed, I'd love to keep playing! : )

Thank you so much for the report! I will fix these as soon as I can. The teabags are actually in the room next to the bedroom. I fear the room might be also only open right after the flatscreen-sketch. I will have to fix that too : (

I will update the game as soon as possible and post a notification on instagram and here ✨

The bugs should now be patched over : )