Final Tweaking! New Busts and Beta Testing

SO.  Transient is well on it's way to being finished. There are still a lot of typos and minor things that have to be adjusted, but it's
looking good overall.  

I am starting beta-testing over at instagram, but will only have 5 free slots, so if you want to beta-test this game pls message me
here or over at instagram.  It would be  amazing if you are fluent in english, since I still make mistakes here and there and need a few pairs of eyes to look over the grammer.  

Now  on to the updates:

-The characters have full-sized busts now. It adds a whole lot of emotion, if you ask me.

-The character-sprites are now taller! I personally think they just look more natural that way. 
(I would love to change the heads too, but that would cost me quite some time, since there a bunch
of other characters, who would need a makeover too, then.)

- walking sounds were added.

-saving points were added

Thank you for everyone who bought a copy of the demo or donated a few bucks, it is very appreaciated!

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I would LOVE to beta this for you! I'm a game creator / writer myself and think I understand the fundamentals well enough to be useful. I can provide in-depth feedback, ranging from evaluation and suggestions for overall story, writing, gameplay, and can of course also do smaller, discrete tasks such as bug testing, help with sentence structure and grammar, depending on what you're looking for.

I'm completely in love with Good Omens right now and this game has been the most exciting thing I've found in the fandom. I adore it - the art, the writing, the easter eggs, the characterization, everything. Do let me know if you've still got a spot open. 

Hi! And thank you so much for your kind words : ) 

I already had a bunch of beta-testers and I am still working through their Bug reports...
But as soon as I am finished with these, I would love to have someone do a final test!

Is there any way I can contact you then? Can I just message you here on

Excellent! I'd like to give you my email. doesn't seem to support direct messaging, so I'll make an instagram account tomorrow morning and get in touch with you.

Amazing! See you then ✨